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Izzy and MJ of Endless RVing

Wingin' It! With Friends

Freightliner V Series

This week we sit down with Izzy and MJ of Endless RVing. And the conversation may not be what you'd expect.

We talk about their travels, what's changing in their lives, and the challenges of building a successful YouTube channel.

What does it really take to build a successful YouTube channel in the RV space? What are some of the frustrations that RV lifestyle creators face when creating videos?

Izzy and MJ also share a bit about their RVing history, some of their challenges, where they are in their lives and what is coming up in the near future for them.

So, the million dollar question is... Are Izzy and MJ really negative people? Do they love drama? What are they really like behind the scenes when the camera isn't rolling?

We have a lot more in common than what you might think, and we're so glad that we finally had the chance to sit down, visit, and get to know each other! Izzy and MJ are great folks.

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Having a Ball with Izzy and MJ
Having a Ball with Izzy and MJ
at the Music City Motorhome Expo

Does Drama Sell??

Let's continue the conversation that we touched on briefly during our Wingin' It! episode.

The video below is one of our favorite videos that Izzy and MJ have created. What they share in this video is very true. From what we have seen over the years, the quickest way to grow your YouTube channel is to embrace drama. This is a very real challenge that all YouTube creators face. If we focused on drama and produced negative videos, our videos would get more views and our channel would grow more quickly.

However, we have made a conscious decision NOT to create negative content or focus on drama. Our channel focuses on beautiful destinations and interesting places with the goal of helping you to plan future travels or see places that you may not personally travel to.

But, like Izzy and MJ, we struggle with frustration when videos that we spend a lot of time creating don't get the views we expect on YouTube. The BEST thing you can do to help ANY of your favorite YouTube Creators (including us) is to watch their/our videos. If you enjoy the videos, please share them with your friends, leave comments, hit the like button and make sure that you are subscribed. These interactions (and especially views) tell YouTube that you like the content and want to see more from us and your other favorite creators.

Izzy and MJ do a GREAT job of explaining the dilemma from a YouTube creators' perspective. We agree with them 100%. Please watch their video to get a better understanding of what we are talking about...

This Video Was Filmed At...

The 1st annual Music City Motorhome Expo in Lebanon, Tennessee (just outside of Nashville).

We appreciate our friends at National Indoor RV Centers and Newmar allowing us to film this video inside a 2025 Newmar Bay Star Motorhome.

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