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How Louisiana Crawfish Get From Farm to Table

And now for something completely different! This week we take you along on a visit to a South Louisiana crawfish farm to see, first-hand, how crawfish are caught, sorted and prepared for a Cajun crawfish boil.

In this behind the scenes tour, we'll take you to places most people will never see... we'll go out on the boat with the crawfish fisherman as he catches the crawfish, in to the warehouse where the crawfish are sorted by size, and then to the crawfish boil.

Thanks for joining us for this insider look at how crawfish make it from the farm to the table in Louisiana. This type of agribusiness is big business in this region of the USA.

An interesting fun fact that we didn't mention in the video: rice farming and crawfish farming work together. The fields are alternated between rice and crawfish, with the remainders of the harvested rice crops acting as food for the crawfish.

We took this crawfish farm tour during the Cajun RV Rally in New Iberia, Louisiana.


Crawfish Farm Fun Facts

Commercial Crawfishing Began

Late 1800s

Crawfish Farming Began

In the 1940s

Louisiana's Annual Yield

100-150 Million Pounds

Louisiana Accounts For

90-95% of annual US production

2nd in Crawfish Production


Crawfish Industry Value to Louisiana

More than $300 Million annually

A Few Photos from Our Visit to the Crawfish Farm

Blue Crawfish
Have You Ever Seen a BLUE Crawfish??
Rice Crops
Rice Crops
Crawfish Pond
Crawfish Pond
Checking the Traps
Checking the Traps
Ready for Transport
Ready for Transport
Sorting Crawfish
Sorting Crawfish

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